Alberta locked into wintry pattern with rounds of snow to come

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Rounds of snow coming this weekend and early next week will keep Alberta firmly locked into a wintry pattern

The seasonal battle between winter and fall will firmly land on the wintry side in Alberta this weekend, as back-to-back storms threaten more healthy snow totals into next week. That's after widespread snowfall warnings covered the region earlier this week, with as much as 20 cm reported in major cities like Calgary already. A plunge into frigid cold will also accompany the snow as Arctic high pressure will force its way southwards, ushering in cold temperatures and frigid wind chills into the -20s. More on the early winter blast and what's to come, below.

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Weekend and beyond: Wintry pattern tightens its grip

Rounds of snow coming this weekend and early next week will keep the province locked in a wintry pattern.

Frigid Arctic air will plunge south into the region this weekend and linger well into next week, with temperatures dropping into the -20s, possibly even nearing the -30-degree for a couple spots, for much of Alberta.

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"Temperatures next week will be cold by January standards!," says Kelly Sonnenburg, a meteorologist at The Weather Network. "Daytime highs will be sitting approximately 10 degrees colder than the normal daytime highs of early January."

No shortage of snowfall to come

A new system will spawn east of the Rockies Friday night, spreading widespread snow across Alberta through Saturday and into Sunday morning.

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By early next week, another low developing over Montana will spread additional snow across the southern half of the province.

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At the same time, Arctic high pressure will be forcing its way south, ushering in the cold temperatures and frigid wind chills in the -20s.

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"After extended summer-like temperatures started the fall season in Alberta, a flip of the switch has put the province into a free fall into deep winter-like weather," Sonnenburg adds.

Be sure to check back for the latest weather updates across Alberta.