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Meadow Lake Provincial Park at Matheson Lake Campground, SK


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Meadow Lake Provincial Park at Matheson Lake Campground Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

A small but beautiful lake that has the feel of a “hidden gem” that no one knows about but you. It is bordered by natural forest on all edges and the beach is 100m long and comprised of fine light sand. The sand appears to be leveled near the shoreline for a more enjoyable beach lounging experience. Access to the lake is through the campground via following the boat launch signs. There is ample parking and the beach is easily accessible from the parking lot. The water is extremely clear with no algae and very few weeds. Some stretches of the beach do have small beds of aquatic vegetation about 1m off shore and grasses and wood wash up along certain stretches of the beach. Along with the wood and grasses an abundance of snail shells also washes up! They are fun to look at and don’t impede swimming or wading. The depth remains shallow for quite a distance before dropping off so although there is no designated swimming area or supervision it is likely a fairly safe environment for swimmers. Boat activity appears to be minimal and little to no noise pollution makes it to the beach. At the south end of the beach there is a day use park area with a gazebo and picnic tables. This area also houses a playground for children and trash facilities. At the north end of the beach there is a boat launch which was closed during our visit early in the season. Next to the boat launch there is a fish-gutting station. The campground offers sites with close proximity to the lake. There are not many bothsersome bugs and a few interesting dragonflies to observe. The lake houses a population of loons and the park has posted signage to help beach goers minimize their impact on the loons while enjoying the lake. The quiet environment gives you an opportunity to hear the sounds of nature and leaves you with the feeling that you are alone in a truly beautiful and tranquil place.
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