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Little Fishing Lake Public Beach, SK


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Little Fishing Lake Public Beach Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

Little Fishing Lake is located within the Bronson Forest Recreational Site. It is a large lake that has a well established beach community. Most of the shoreline is covered in dense forest so the view is quite natural and beautiful. The beach is made of fine light sand and stretches for about a kilometer. The lake bottom is also sandy. The beach is located under 10 minutes off of highway 21. There is a large and well marked parking lot for beach goers. From the parking lot it is a short walk on a trail down to the beach. The water is clear and there is no weeds or algae. There is no designated swimming area and all swimming is unsupervised. There is not a public dock or boat launch directly on the beach however a short drive down the road brings you to a boat launch area with both of these amenities and its own parking. The parking lot opens onto a large grassy park that is surrounded by forest. The park contains a gazebo outhouse facilities and a swing set. It also contains several day use sites with picnic tables and BBQs. A small trail through the dense forest brings you to the beach area so there is not visibility from the day use areas to the water. A second small grassy park sits next to the beach. The beach is bordered on one side by the campground and on the other by a private subdivision and a commercial area. The area offers gas a local store and rentable cabins. The blue water large size and abundant day-use amenities make Little Fishing Lake a good destination for those who enjoy a more bustling beach experience! The campground private residences and commercial community give this beach the popular feel that beaches closer to the city might have but in a very natural and undisturbed area.
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