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Rotary Beach - Oliver, BC

Rotary Beach - Oliver Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

Rotary Beach is located in Oliver which is in the southern Okanagan north of Osoyoos and south of Penticton with a population of approximately 4300. Rotary Beach is the only public swimming area in the city of Oliver. It is located on the southwest edge of Tuc-El-Nuit Lake. The small public sandy beach is located in a family oriented park with picnic tables and washrooms. There is also a playground for children however pets are not permitted at the park. Rotary Beach is the location of the annual Polar Bear Swim as well as the Oliver’s Half Ironman Triathlon and the Junior Triathlon. The city of Oliver is known as The Wine Capital of Canada it produces the most wine in Canada. There are many activities to do in Oliver such as golfing hiking and biking there is also the Oliver Heritage Museum which displays the history of Oliver through archives and pictures.
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