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Chris Scott

Chris Scott headshot

Chris is the Chief Meteorologist at The Weather Network, behind his back we call him “big Chief” but don’t let the nickname fool you, he is the nicest and most down-to-earth self-proclaimed weather geek you’ll ever meet.  You can see Chris during special interviews and active weather coverage.

Chris joined the team in 1998 and leads a group of 30 dedicated meteorologists who produce thousands of weather forecasts daily for television, web, wireless, and numerous commercial clients across Canada. Prior to his current position, Chris co-anchored the prime-time television slot at The Weather Network for four years and has been featured as an expert on Canada AM and Discovery, and has been interviewed for numerous radio shows and newspapers.

Chris has a Master of Science degree in Atmospheric and Space Science from The University of Michigan and a Combined Honours degree in Atmospheric Chemistry and Atmospheric Science from York University.  His fascination with weather solidified on August 8, 1983 when tennis ball sized hail came down on his family’s farm.

What does Chris love about the weather?

I love the power and variety of weather, and the never-ending challenge that forecasting presents.  Helping Canadians prepare for weather that can be disruptive or damaging is a privilege and the ultimate reward.


  • Enjoys hiking and scrambling all over the globe with his family
  • Grew up on a family farm
  • Played Ultimate Frisbee at U of Michigan
  • Follows weather in his spare time, he loves it that much!
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