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Recent Questions

Did you make a point of staying up to watch the Perseids meteor shower this year?
What do you think about abolishing the watering of lawns?
Which three Canadian cities were named amongst the five most liveable in the world?
Which Newfoundland icon went viral in a video this week?
How fast can a Monarch butterfly flap its wings?
Which is your favorite phase of the moon?
Do you take pictures of the weather?
Which type of fishery has collapsed as a result of an oil spill in Newfoundland?
A vessel found in the Great Lakes has been confirmed as the second-oldest shipwreck in the region. What lake was it found in?
Climate change is doing this to beach sand on the US northeast seaboard...
Today is National Rollercoaster Day, have you visited an amusement park this summer?
How is the recent heat wave in New York City affecting the resident cockroaches?
Until recently, what was the general rule for a heat wave?
Researchers are hoping to use this to clean up oil spills as an eco-friendly alternative...
Which popular fruit is fuelling deforestation of central Mexico's pine forests?
Gros Morne National Park is asking its guests to stop doing this...
What is 'teleconnection'?
The radiant point for the Perseid meteor shower is in which constellation?
Will you be watching the meteor shower this week?
What was the greatest single-day temperature change in Canadian history?
What is killing thousands of fish in P.E.I.?
What was recently spotted in the Bay of Fundy on Monday evening?
What colour is the sunset on Pluto?
Do you think that childhood toys can influence your career choices?

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