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Recent Questions

Hurricane Irma maintained 298 km/h winds for how long?
How many structures on the island of Barbuda were damaged or destroyed due to Hurricane Irma?
Since we're in the middle of September, what is your favourite fruit or vegetable to pick fresh from the farm this time of year?
Where is the most southern point of Canada?
What are your thoughts for our Fall Forecast in your part of the country?
In terms of temperature in the fall, what is your preference?
How many times has Walt Disney World closed down in anticipation of a hurricane?
What was name of the last Atlantic hurricane of the 2016 season?
Hurricane Irma made landfall in the Florida Keys as a category 4 hurricane. This means it brought wind speeds how fast?
If put in a position to evacuate your home due to severe weather, would you?
Earlier this week, people in Alberta and British Columbia looked into the sky to see what rare event?
What is the driving force of weather on earth?
Which hurricane had the strongest wind speeds?
What is the correct name for a space rock that has entered Earth's atmosphere, but has not reached the ground?
What is the name of the asteroid to pass earth on Friday September, 1st?
Construction on Edmonton’s new LRT bridge weirs created what accidental discovery?
What was the most watched video on The Weather Network’s website in August?
What is the estimated number of homes destroyed by Hurricane Harvey flooding?
Hurricane Harvey set a new rainfall record associated with an Atlantic tropical cyclone. What is the rainfall amount?
August 30th is National Toasted Marshmallow Day. What is your preferred summer campfire marshmallow style?
What does the Saffir-Simpson hurricane scale (Category 1, etc) measure?
How do scientists determine a tornado's rating on the Enhanced Fujita Scale?
On Tuesday August 22nd a tornado hit near Lachute, Quebec. Environment confirmed the following day the twister had winds how fast?
Do pets suffer from seasonal allergies like humans do?
Which is British Columbia’s largest wildfire on record?
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