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An incoming low pressure system is set to bring a period of freezing rain and rain to southern Ontario.

WATCH: Driver barely avoids herd of moose in the road

B.C. avalanche risk rises to dangerous levels as rain begins

'Blue Monday' looms. Here are five ways to fight it

Red seadragon caught on camera in the wild for first time

Dangerous ice storm threatens U.S. Timing, details here

Snow squalls possible for parts of Ontario. Here's where

In Pictures: 30 cm of snow buries St. John's, Nfld.

Avoiding a pileup rests on remembering these driving tips

Pattern Reversal Brings a Widespread January Thaw

Risk of icy roadways, snow squalls next for Atlantic Canada

Extreme cold strikes the Prairies ahead of 40-degree warm-up

Allergic to cold weather: Here are the signs

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