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But researchers at Emory University in the U.S. say a vaccine against the ailment may be closer than we think.

Your punny Heritage Classic forecast

Rainfall rates could spell big trouble in Atlantic Canada

Cyclist stakes out space on the road with pool noodle hack

Milder temperatures come with a price on the Prairies

Tropical storms linked to decline in natural flood barriers

Philippines in line for typhoon hit, second in a week

Eyes on tropical disturbance, potential Canada impact

Tornado confirmed, major damage in Ontario

Big, slow moving storm soaks Ontario, brings risk of snow

Threat for flash floods, landslides as storm hits Quebec

Typhoon Haima lashes China, destructive winds, flood risk

Ten pedestrian collisions occur during wet Toronto commute

Two typhoons pummel Philippines days apart. See photos

Six weather myths: Busted, or backed up?

Pattern reversal to follow exceptionally warm October day

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