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While you soak up the sun over the next few weeks, here's a few things to keep in mind about fall maintenance when the temperature finally drops below 20C for good.

Where to see the best and brightest fall foliage in Canada

Should I rake leaves off my lawn? No, but yes. Here's why.

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Fall driving tips: Brightly coloured leaves mask a threat

El Niño likely setting up for a winter comeback

Season of METEOR SHOWERS awaits skywatchers in Fall 2018

Why the fall is a fine time for a major cleanup

Fall 2018: Next 3 months of weather, plus winter sneak peek

Trying to predict the weather? These eight clouds will help

Eight tips to safe trick or treating

Five pro tips to help you prep the garden for fall

Some experts say you shouldn't rake leaves. Here's why.

Sticky shadows & balancing eggs: Debunking the fall season

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