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Two California men are lucky to be alive after getting themselves into some trouble.

Two gamers fall off cliff playing Pokémon Go

Leeanna McLean
Digital Reporter

Sunday, July 17, 2016, 6:45 AM - Two men suffered moderate injuries after falling off a cliff north of San Diego, California while playing Pokémon Go.

The game, released July 6 in the U.S., is a smartphone-based augmented reality experience, using GPS-data to allow users to "capture" the virtual creatures on their phones in real-world locations.

It's been reported that the Pokémon Go app has been installed on more phones than the popular dating app Tinder and lots of people have been enjoying, or braving, the weather in their quests to catch 'em all. However, numerous law enforcement agencies have started issuing statements reminding people to look up while walking around and to put the Pokéballs down when they are behind the wheel.

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Fire officials say two men, presumed to be in their 20s, were playing the game in the beach city of Encinitas Wednesday when they fell several stories off a crumbling sandstone bluff.

The incident occurred around around 1 p.m. local time. Emergency crews arrived on scene to find one man had fallen 50 feet, while the other was located about 90 feet down. They were both taken to Scripps La Jolla Hospital.

According to the San Diego sheriff's office, the gamers had climbed over a marked fence and onto the bluff, completely disregarding the warning signs.

"I think people just need to realize this is a game," Battalion chief Robbie Ford of the Encinitas Fire Department told the Los Angeles Times. "It's not worth your life. No game is worth your life."

This isn't the first time Pokémon Go players have suffered injuries.

A man in Anaheim, California was reportedly playing the game when he was stabbed multiple times by a group of men at a park Wednesday. Two others were robbed and carjacked at a Sacramento County Park and some players have become involved in traffic accidents.

Meanwhile, in Ontario, police are reminding all trainers that trying to catch Pokémon is not a valid reason for trespassing.

"There have been reports in Ontario of players trespassing on public and private property, including OPP detachments and parking lots! Please make sure you respect the laws and privacy of the communities you are exploring," the Ontario Provincial Police posted on Facebook.

Are you playing #PokemonGo? OPP would like to ...

In Quebec City, two police officers suffered minor injuries when a vehicle they observed reversed into their cruiser in a parking lot. The driver reportedly apologized and told the officers it was because of Pokémon Go.

Police forces across Canada are warning gamers to play responsibly and be aware of their surroundings.


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