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Live scorpion found in Weather Network reporter’s bananas

Leeanna McLean
Digital Reporter

Friday, August 11, 2017, 4:11 PM - The Weather Network reporter Nathan Coleman was shocked to find a live scorpion in a banana bag he had purchased from a local Costco in Halifax Friday.

Coleman and his wife went to the Bayers Lake Costco in Halifax to pick up their weekly groceries. When they got home their 11-year-old daughter was helping to put away the items when she noticed something moving in the banana bag.

"She was holding it up and I said 'don't worry it's just a slug,'" Coleman said. "My mother was in the living room too and it was still squirming around in the bag and she said it might be a scorpion. I got up and looked at it and couldn't believe it was a scorpion."

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Coleman has since contacted the store to inform them of the situation. He suggested the staff take the product off the shelf.

The Del Monte bananas were imported from Guatemala, according to The Weather Network reporter.

The predatory arachnid is still alive and is currently being examined by naturalists at the NS Museum of Natural History.

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