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Halloween is almost here, and that means ghosts and goblins will soon be coming out to play. But in some parts of Canada, spooky season never ends. Here are seven of Canada's most famous haunted spots.

Seven of Canada's most haunted places

Cheryl Santa Maria
Digital Reporter

Tuesday, October 20, 2015, 5:37 PM - Halloween is almost here, and that means ghosts and goblins will soon be coming out to play. But in some parts of Canada, spooky season never ends. Here are seven of Canada's most famous haunted spots. (Disclaimer: While there are plenty of reportedly haunted buildings across the country, we stuck to outdoor places).

1. Dunvegan Provincial Park, Fairview, Alberta | Check the local forecast

From multiple ghosts sightings to reports of people being transported to the past upon entering the park's rectory, there are a myriad of spooky things that have happened in Dunvegan Provincial Park.

One of the more famous ghosts is of a woman carrying a lantern. A priest has been seen in the window of the rectory, and a nun is sometimes seen picking berries on the hills. Many visitors have reported a sense of unease and the sensation they're being watched in different areas of the park.

2. Fort Battleford, Battleford, Saskatchewan | Check the local forecast

This area is said to be haunted by the ghost of Lieutenant-Colonol William Dillon Otter, who committed suicide in his office quarters when Fort Battleford was under siege by Native Canadians in the spring of 1885.

Visitors to the site have reported mysterious footsteps and objects that appear to be moving by themselves.

3. Mount Pleasant Cemetery -- Toronto, Ontario | Check the local forecast

Mount Pleasant is a giant cemetery in midtown Toronto. During the day, its sprawling paths are frequented by joggers, bicyclists and tourists. Some visitors have reported unexplained noises, electrical disturbances and strange light patterns in the area. One of the more famous paranormal reports emerging from Mount Pleasant involves an employee who was reportedly pushed off a tractor by an invisible force. The area is home to several impressive monuments, and houses the internments of many prominent Canadian athletes, politicians and clergymen.

4. Montmorency Falls, between Beauport and Boischatel, Quebec | Check the local forecast

Visitors to these falls say they have witnessed the ghost of a woman falling down the waterfall in a wedding dress. According to legend, a young woman threw herself into the falls in the mid-1700s upon learning her fiance had been killed in battle. Her body was never recovered.

5. Citadel Hill, Halifax, Nova Scotia | Check the local forecast

Citadel hill was fortified in 1749 when Halifax was founded in an effort to protect the town from intruders. Now operated by Parks Canada and restored to mimic the Victorian period, the area is said to be plagued by paranormal activity, including: doors that open and close on their own, blinking lights and disappearing objects.

6. Isle of Demons, Quirpon Island, Newfoundland | Check the local forecast

If the name doesn't give you pause for thought, the story behind this island might.

Marguerite de Roberval was condemned here when she became pregnant out of wedlock in the 1500s. She and her partner were said to be tormented by demons while living on the island. In the 19th century, Canadian poet George Martin penned  “Marguerite, Or The Isle Of Demons”, chronicling her story.

Over the years, visitors say they've seen the ghosts of the young couple wandering the island, desperate for rescue.

7. Deline, Sahtu Region, Northwest Territories

UFOs have been reported across the Northwest Territories since World War II, the largest concentration was seen in Deline between 1995 and 1997. Some people claim they have been followed by strange lights in the sky. UFO sightings are still commonly reported in the area.

All photos courtesy of Wikipedia

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