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Man hospitalized after attack by twice-shot moose

Hailey Montgomery
Digital Reporter

Tuesday, October 10, 2017, 2:21 PM - A Newfoundland hunter spent around 10 hours in hospital on Saturday after grappling with an animal he thought he had killed just moments before.

Experienced hunter Rodney Buffet shot a bull moose near Grand Banks, N.L. on Saturday. He approached the animal after it collapsed, shouting to his wife to bring his knives, The CBC reports. 

What happened next lasted about five minutes, and left Buffet with stitches on his ribs, staples in his hand, and a hoof mark on his forehead.


Courtesy of Rod Buffett: Buffet was left with bruises from a moose's hoof on his forehead

The moose lay on his back, with its legs up in the air. The CBC reports that when Buffet approached, the moose lunged at him with its antler's, sending the hunter onto the ground before proceeding to stomp its hooves. "I held onto his antlers and tried to steer him away," Buffet told the network. "But it seemed like forever." 

He kicked and struggled, and the bull eventually fled into the forest. Paramedics then traveled 3 km into the bush to airlift the hunter to safety.

Courtesy of Rodney Buffett: Puncture wounds from an antler that pierced Buffet's ribs.

Buffet told The Weather Network that the ordeal left him in hospital from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. on Saturday. 

Courtesy of Rodney Buffett: Stitches on Buffett's hand.

The Fortune, N.L. resident told the CBC that while he is a bit shaken, he hopes to be back hunting as soon as possible.

Source: CBC

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