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TRAVEL | Fun in the sun

Why fall may be the best time to head south

Kim MacDonald

Thursday, September 20, 2018, 3:33 PM - Most Canadians love to travel south, and who can blame us?

The minute the temperature dips to -10°C or we’ve shovelled the driveway for the fifth time, we begin to scour the internet for a place where we can escape our misery.

The problem is, we all want to do it and the tour companies know it. The prices are sky high, the airport is packed, and once we arrive at our destination we have to get up at 6 a.m. to save a lounge chair by the pool or beach.

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Therefore, traveling in the fall can be the ideal time to go. Rachel Goldrick, Senior Corporate Communications Manager at Sunwing says there are deals to be had this time of year and Canadians should take advantage.

You can easily spend time at a 5-star resort while paying the price of a 3-star. Once the kids are back in school, that 5-star now becomes an “adults only” without the premium price.

If you have kids who are pre-school, this is a great time for you to scoop them up and take them to Disney or a kid friendly resort.

It’s great for parents to have a change of scenery, and the lines are short and the crowds are thin. Once they start kindergarten, you’ll be travelling with everyone else during school vacations.

It’s also a good time to experience Costa Rica if you haven’t before. Goldrick points out that the rainforest is beginning to wake up again and the chance of seeing animals in their natural habitat is even more likely. If you wanted to extend your golf season well past summer, there are golf resorts in Florida and on several Caribbean islands that would be happy to have you. It won’t be too hard to book a tee time either.

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This is a great time to get adventurous. Resorts tend to get a bit more creative with themes like yoga retreats to get tourists through the doors.

A lot of people worry about the weather in the south in Fall. A little rain isn’t a big deal. It’s not long lasting and it’s a lot warmer than an October rain in Ottawa. You can always check out a spa or explore a cenote in Mexico if the rain interrupts your beach day.

Goldrick addresses hurricane season with this sage piece of advice: “Get travel insurance.”

She adds that travel companies are just as concerned about the weather as you are. They will never put you on a plane into a tropical storm or hurricane. If you have insurance, you can be assured that last minute cancellations won’t be a problem.

For summer lovers, 3 months is just not long enough. Travelling south in the fall seems like the simplest way to put the cold on the back burner for a little while longer. The fact that Edmonton has had over 20 cm of snow this September may also be a strong motivator.


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