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The first week of May has not been kind to people in southern Ontario.

Frost and flurries as May chill enters Ontario

Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Sunday, May 7, 2017, 11:33 AM - The first week of May has not been kind to people in southern Ontario.

Epic rains drenched much of the south, beginning Thursday in the southwest, swelling rivers and raising flood risk for communities around Lake Ontario, where water levels are the highest they've been in years.

In eastern Ontario, flood emergencies are ongoing, while in Quebec, the latest rains worsened an already long-lived flood crisis to the point where the province has called for military assistance.

Now, weather that has felt more like April than May will shortly feel like late March, with a drastic cooldown followed by accumulated wet snow in some areas, and a touch of late-season frost for much of the southwest.

"Temperatures tonight are expected to plunge to near or a couple degrees below the zero degree mark in most areas under partly cloudy to mainly clear skies and diminishing winds," reads a frost advisory ranging from the Windsor area through to the western GTA. "Hence widespread frost is likely across most of of the region overnight into Monday morning."

As for the snow, it will mostly manifest as wet flurries in most places, with the exception of areas south of the Nickel Belt, with little chance of accumulation.

The wind will make it seem more harsh, especially for communities on the shores of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay, where winds gusting in the 50-60 km/h range will make it seem colder than zero.

The rest of the week won't be quite that cool, but still below seasonal, though stormy systems in the U.S. look to stay south of the border, at least for now. Check back for updates as the week unfolds.

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