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Turks and Caicos not destined to become a Canadian province (yet)

By Cheryl Santa Maria
Digital Reporter
Tuesday, May 27, 2014, 6:40 PM

Premier of Turks and Caicos Rufus Ewing is visiting Canada in an effort to promote tourism. When asked if he's open to annexation, he said he's not ruling out the possibility, despite opposing the idea in the past.

A meeting between Prime Minister Harper and Mr. Ewing has taken place, but it doesn't look like Turks and Caicos will be joining Canada anytime soon.

Conservative MP Peter Goldring has been lobbying for Turks and Caicos to join Canada for about a decade now -- and he told the CBC that he'd prefer to offer the British territory provincial status.

But Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird suggested Canadians "are dreaming" if they think the Caribbean island will join the great white north, according to the Toronto Star.

Mr. Ewing called the meeting a "courtship" that was intended to explore formalizing the relationship between the two nations.

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However, Baird said that may not even come to light as Canada isn't looking for stronger trade and investment agreements.

Premier Ewing told reporters he isn't "closing the door completely," on Turks and Caicos becoming a Canadian province, although that wasn't the intent of his visit.

He said his country regards Canada as a "big brother or big sister" adding that a closer relationship may eventually lead to a relaxation of immigration issues between the two countries.

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