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That's the Law? Unique driving rules from around the world

By Rachel Schoutsen
Presenter, The Weather Network
Tuesday, January 14, 2014, 9:10 AM

Green means go. Red means stop. Dotted lines are for passing and stop signs are for stopping. North American driving laws seem pretty straightforward and most importantly fair.

However, hit the road in another country and you will have to abide by their laws. Did you know in Russia you can get charged for driving a dirty car? And in Manila, Philippines, don't even think about driving during the day on a Monday, if your license plate ends in a one or a two.

Interesting right?

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I like Japan's thinking when they decided it is against the law to splash a pedestrian while driving. If you do so, it will cost you approximately sixty-five bucks! So, keep it slow while heading through puddles on this Asian island.

In Singapore, they want to keep it safe for people strolling the streets. It is against the law to drive within 50 metres of a pedestrian. Imagine this rule being put into place in Toronto or New York City?

Shirts are a must in Thailand. Not putting on proper attire while operating a car or motorcycle is illegal, no matter how hot the weather is. Interesting law here about shirts, I wonder if there is anything set in stone about pants.

Now, I know it’s important to carry a safety kit in the car. You never know what mess you may encounter on the roads. However, isn't it a little unusual to have to carry your own fire extinguisher? In Turkey, you have to do just that, along with a first aid kit and reflective triangle.

Image of traffic in Bangkok by Franz Golhen

Image of traffic in Bangkok by Franz Golhen

Keeping safe on the roads also means, no drinking and driving, a law taken very seriously in most countries. But get this, in Cyprus you will get charged for drinking anything and driving. Their laws do not just pertain to alcohol, but water, juice etc. No fluids should be consumed while behind the wheel.

I don't know about you, but one-way streets are not my favourite routes to travel.

Well, in the city of Bangkok I think I would despise them even more. It is legal for officials to change the directions of the streets at certain times in the day. How confusing!

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And get this, in England you have to drive on the left side of the road. How weird, but I’m sure they think we are just as weird for driving on the right!

Have you encountered any of these rules or know of any more?
Tweet me @RachelBTT or the team @BTT_GTA

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