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Soggy or Sizzle? Saying 'I Do' in September

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By Chris Murphy
Weather Broadcaster
Monday, September 12, 2016, 9:00 PM

"It was the happiest of times, it was the most stressful of times" - and no I am not rewriting Dickens' Tale of Two Cities. 

Rather, I am referring to what many likely felt when preparing for their wedding day. And if you are tying the knot this month, then no doubt you are experiencing these very common "pangs of joy." This may be particularly true if you happen to be taking your wedding day outdoors.

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In fact, September is a popular month to get married. Just how popular? I went to the experts to find out.

According to Jen O'Brien with www.weddingbells.ca, September "has eclipsed July - nationwide - as the 2nd most popular month to get married" (August remains #1). From a weather perspective, this does not come as much of a surprise. Comfortable temperatures with a low risk of oppressive humidity should appeal to the groom in a black tux. And unless you are exchanging vows in Iqaluit where an average September comes with 13cm of snow, there is a very good chance the only white thing blowing in the breeze will be that gorgeous gown.

As for advice to those getting married this time of year, O'Brien says "rustic themes" are very popular, "to reflect the seasonal colours" and be sure to "work with what you get." By this it is clear Jen is talking about the weather.

And this is where I must be up front ... and keep in mind, I am just the messenger. (Gulp)

September is historically a rainy month. In fact it ranks #2 in Toronto with 77.5 mm on average, #3 in Ottawa with 85 mm and #2 in Charlottetown, PEI with a whopping 95 mm. One of the reasons for this is that September is the most active month for tropical storms and hurricanes - and sometimes the remnants of, even occasionally the full brunt of these storms can be felt in our country - especially Ontario east to Newfoundland and Labrador.

So what should you do if rain is in fact in the forecast?

Once again I look to Jen O'Brien as our voice of reason. Brides may consider "wearing a strapless dress with a cover up option". Embracing the weather is also a very bold trend. For example, "rainboots for the entire wedding party and/or incorporating umbrellas by lining them up and down the aisle" forming a beautiful canopy shows that you won't be pushed around by the weather. And as the photogs amongst you know perfectly well, some of the best shots you'll ever take will be under a cloudy sky.

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Bottom line, if the weather isn't looking promising, this is no time to call the whole thing off! September isn't the second most popular month to get married by accident. The odds are in your favour that you will have a nice day. If you don't... think about that couple who got married in Regina on September 22, 1934 when 22 cm of snow fell. I just bet they told everyone it was the most memorable day of their life.

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