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Alberta couple donates home to family of flood victims

By Deb Matejicka
Calgary bureau reporter
Monday, February 24, 2014, 8:05 PM

Jason Hastie and his wife Gina knew they could provide someone with a good home. So rather than demolish their old one to make way for a new one on their Killarney area property, the couple posted an online ad in January of this year stating anyone who needed the home could have it free of charge. 

What the Hasties didn't realize was that there were so many people in need of a new home - mostly those who had lost theirs during last year's floods.

After narrowing down 2,000 emails to 100 deserving recipients, then down again to 20, Jason and Gina Hastie have now finally decided on one lucky family to receive their Killarney, Alta., bungalow.

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The family that hails from High River, Alta., reportedly lost their home during the 2013 floods. That on top of also suffering an undisclosed personal tragedy.

Earlier in February, the Hasties who had already sifted through hundreds of heartbreaking emails, discussed how hard it was going to be to choose just one family to receive their home - which they wanted to give away rather than see it demolished to make way for a new one.

 "Incredibly difficult.  I wish we had 20 houses to give away. It’s going to be very tough," Gina said on February 7 of this year. 

The Hastie's plan to hand over their old home to the as of yet unnamed family on Wednesday of this week.

Be sure to check back for reaction from the Hastie family as well as the receiving family.


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