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A bed race, bungee jump and an interview with Tigger; Day two at Winterlude did not disappoint

Saturday, February 1, 2014, 9:23 PM

Wow, what a day. Today really had it all - in my opinion some of my best most entertaining segments on the Weather Network, snow fall, great people, technical difficulties, cardio... and that was just the afternoon! 

We started our morning of Winterlude festivities at Dow's Lake, right on the Rideau Canal. There was a Triathlon happening, and there were some interesting characters. We parked our Weather Network vehicle right on the canal (the first time I have ever parked on a frozen body of water before.. I had a little geek out moment so I even made it into a segment for TV). There were some cool costumes for the race.. I interviewed one guy who dressed up as Tigger, folks with some interesting hats on, even a guy and a girl in matching cow costumes who didn't even come to the race together I've decided that they at least have to be Facebook friends... if not date.

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The winners for best (or cutest) costume had to be the couple, celebrating their 22nd wedding anniversary, wearing the exact same wedding dress/suit they wore on their wedding day... for the race! They were frozen after it was over, but they had a great time.. it was her idea, but she says he won points for finishing the race faster than last year! 

We turned out 15 segments in the morning (including interviews with people participating in a charity BED race.. yes that's right a race involving beds!). Productive morning. Did I already say that we parked ON the canal?

Snow began to fall in the afternoon, as we were in a snowfall warning and expected 9-18 cm of snow until Sunday morning. As we arrived at Jacques Cartier Park in Gatineau (renamed Snowflake Kingdom for Winterlude), we got a couple interviews right away, including with the lovely "spokesmom" of the park, Andre-Anne. Then, we ran into some technical troubles. Our equipment began succumbing to the elements, as the snow falling onto our camera started to cause troubles (to the point where during a live hit with a member of our Canadian Forces, we suddenly turned green live on the air, like we spontaneously switched to night vision! I have to say a big thank you to Colonel Shawn Martel, who let us camp out in the Army trailer where we got our equipment working again and finally did what ended up being a very funny segment where Col. Martel is urging me through an obstacle course. Thanks for the cardio workout!

We ended up getting great segments where I go snow tubing, fail at Snow Go Karting, get stuck in the air while Bungee Trampolining, have a kid kick me out of my giant chair, beautiful snow sculptures and a ton more. Unfortunately due to the technical difficulties I couldn't get everything we wanted, including zip lining (which I will try to get tomorrow!), but still 10 solid segments for a grand total of 25 on the day. Hope you enjoyed watching them on the Weather Network and online, and it made you want to consider checking out the fun at Winterlude for yourself. 

Onto day #3! Blog will be up after the day is over - it will be our final day of coverage, but Winterlude goes on until Feb 17. In fact, on Feb 7 at the Byward Market, I will be a "celebrity" (their word not mine!) judge for their Market Stew Cookoff, starting at 11:30am. Enjoy the #Weathertainment and see you tomorrow! 

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