Never scrape your windshield again with this sandwich bag hack

As far as windshield-clearing hacks go, this is definitely one of the weirder ones we've seen.

You know how it is: We get to that time of the year when the temperature falls below zero overnight in calm conditions, and the ordeal of scraping your vehicle begins.

No one likes plodding to their vehicle in pitch darkness and bitter cold only to find a thin sheen of frost clinging to their windshield. It's especially painful when it's the kind that really sticks on there and requires more than the usual elbow grease to get off.

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It's a safety and visibility issue, so there's no getting around it, but there are a few hacks that have come down over the years to make it less of a chore. Our Atlantic Canada reporter Nathan Coleman has a new one for us involving, of all things, a plastic sandwich bag.

Watch him demonstrate in the video above.