Canada Day may feature Mother Nature's fireworks in parts of the country

Canada Day festivities may be interrupted by Mother Nature’s natural fireworks – thunderstorms. A sharp divide in the active atmosphere will drive a stormy boundary on Friday, while a good chunk of the country will see May-like temperatures.


If you are hoping for a sunny and warm long weekend, head all the way up to the Arctic Circle where arguably the best Canada Day weekend weather resides.

The northernmost coasts of the Northwest Territories and Yukon may flirt with high 20s or low 30s as a summer ridge raises the temperature in Canada’s Far North.

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Western Canada will also benefit from this ridge, as well. Sunshine at times, with seasonal or just above temperatures are expected in B.C and Alberta. However, the pleasant start to the weekend may end with isolated thunderstorm activity.

Frequent pop-up thunderstorms may interrupt camping, hiking, or backcountry activities in mountainous areas during the later half of the weekend.

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In Central Canada, Friday afternoon and evening will be one to watch for Ontario and Quebec.

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While no washout rainfall is in sight, a classic summer forecast is expected for Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Atlantic Canada: Hot, humid, with a chance of thunderstorms.

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A sub-tropical air mass surging up the East Coast will battle a chilly low pressure system centered over Hudson’s Bay.

The chilly May-like temperatures in central sections of Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec that clash with the summer heat in the south will yield an active storm boundary across the Great Lakes.

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This poses the risk of isolated thunderstorms as a cold front sweeps through Ontario and Quebec on Canada Day, eventually reaching Atlantic Canada on Sunday.

There is uncertainty with timing, and how far south into Ontario the thunderstorm activity will reach, so residences across the mentioned regions should check back as further details emerge.

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