Typhoon Halong hampers any dream of a notable November warm-up

The only possible reprieve from the November arctic air is west of the Rockies.

A typhoon churning over 10,000 km away is going to reinforce the November chill across most of Canada.

The storm in question, Typhoon Halong, begins a typical recurving pattern towards the northeast. The decaying typhoon still contains an immense amount of energy and consequently, it'll work to amplify a ridge near the coast of British Columbia, then a significant anomalous trough east of the Rockies.


On both edges of the anomalous cold, an active storm track will be present, so Alberta and eastern Canada look particularly active during the next couple of weeks.

Don't tell me the odds...

EC (1)

Alberta, you didn't get a blue designation on the map above, as there will be just enough mild Pacific air at times, but you'll likely tip a little below seasonal this month as the cold anomalies will be more extreme.

Manitoba to Atlantic Canada is where the heart of the cold anomaly will tend to lurk over the next couple of weeks, recharging and reloading from -- you guessed it -- the North Pole and Siberia, which are not the mildest of destinations in November. And, with that cold air traversing the relatively mild Great Lakes, this is likely going to become quite a memorable and snowy lake-effect month.

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Now, normally you're familiar with a forecast into the future, but let's switch it up and track the cold air in reverse. Click the video below to explore this arctic chill.

The only possible reprieve from the arctic air is west of the Rockies, which is unsurprising as our warm sea surface temperatures south of Alaska are reinforcing a perky and ridiculously resilient ridge near coastal B.C.

Nov DougPattern (1)

In fact, this is one of the driest stretches on record for early November. It's that impressive.

Now, it appears that Vancouver will string together 14 straight days of dry weather. This is one miraculous feat, that by the way, will come to an end on Saturday.

Hang tight Canada, several rounds of cold air will promise a tumultuous and sometimes snowy month ahead.