Fiona threatens 'tropical snow' over parts of Newfoundland and Labrador

In additional to flooding rains and damaging winds, Fiona threatens 'tropical snow' across parts of Atlantic Canada this weekend.

Hurricane Fiona is a major tropical system heading toward Canada, and because it's Canada, we have to put a snowy twist on things.

Along with the powerful winds, rain and dangerous storm surge, Fiona is going to be bringing 'tropical snow' to parts of Labrador and Quebec as well.

So how does a tropical hurricane bring snow?

It all depends on its location. The further north it goes into the colder waters and higher latitudes, it will lose its tropical characteristics and take on the appearance of a more fall-like storm. As it does so, it'll run into the cold arctic air and the tropical rain will turn to winter snow.

With summer leaves still holding on, this snow is going to weigh heavy on the trees -- not the best situation in a post-tropical storm.

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