Toronto ranked 17th-best city to call home

Toronto is Canada's highest-ranking city.

Toronto has been ranked the seventeenth best city in the world to inhabit -- one of six Canadian cities to make the top 100, according to a new poll conducted by Vancouver-based firm Resonance Consultancy Ltd.Resonance says it developed a "unique methodology" that leverages reviews left on travel sites like TripAdvisor. That data was combined with statistics about the factors citizens and businesses consider important in choosing a city.

The paper identifies 24 influencing factors, including the quality of the natural and built environments, in which weather is a sub-category.

In the seventeenth spot, Toronto is Canada's highest-ranking city. Vancouver took the 41st spot, followed by Montreal (45), Calgary (48), Ottawa (77), and Edmonton (83).


  • London, UK

  • Paris

  • New York

  • Tokyo

  • Barcelona

  • Moscow

  • Chicago

  • Singapore

  • Dubai

  • San Francisco


Resonance gave Toronto big points for economic growth and immigration. The city also received a nod for the Raptors' recent NBA Championship title.

While not mentioned in the report, Toronto is home to several stunning green spaces, like the Evergreen Brick Works, or High Park -- which is famous for its springtime cherry blossom displays:

The city may have lost some points for its weather, with daily lows around -10°C and daily highs around 0°C not uncommon in December, January, and February -- and that's before the windchill is factored in.

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In contrast, London, UK sees an average daily high around 9°C and lows around 5°C during the same timeframe.