Are electric fans friends or foes during extreme heat?

Randi MannDigital Reporter

Rumour has it (and some studies do too), electric fans aren't effective for cooling in extreme heat. Experts suggest that their effectiveness is based on environmental and geographical variables, this is what they have to say about using them in Canada.

Whether you're in the midst of unbearable heat or preparing for what's to come, you might want to pay special attention if an electric fan serves as your first line of defence during the summer months.

In this episode of Health and Weather (see the video above), The Weather Network's Rachel Schoutsen speaks with Dr Robin Stoodley, a chemistry professor at the University of British Columbia, who explains how electric fans can, in fact, make you feel warmer rather than cool you off if the conditions aren't right.

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Thumbnail image source: Enrique Zafra/PEXELS