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Hear how this trio survived a barrage of grapefruit-size hail

Wednesday, August 3rd 2022, 6:07 pm - Three people travelling from Calgary to Edmonton recall the terrifying experience of having their windows blown out by grapefruit-sized hail.

A drive home from a music festival and the zoo turned into a terrifying fight for survival for three Albertans stuck in a severe storm that pelted their vehicle with grapefruit-size hail this past weekend.

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Karlee Bertsch, John Tezcan, and Gibran Marquez were on their way home from Calgary after visiting the “Chasing Summer” music festival and the Zoo when they crossed paths with a large severe thunderstorm.

Hail started falling from the storm a few minutes after they heard the tornado warning, and that’s when things got downright terrifying.

Giant chunks of ice pounded on the roof of the car. The windows shattered. Flying glass and breaching hailstones injured the trio as they rushed to find anything in the vehicle to protect themselves from the torrent beating down on them.

Watch the video above to hear these lucky folks tell their tale of survival during this memorable hailstorm in Alberta.

Thumbnail courtesy of Kody Horvey near Penhold, Alberta.

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