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PHOTOS: Southern Alberta pounded with near tennis ball-sized hail

Saturday, July 25th 2020, 1:40 pm - Another round of severe thunderstorms marched their way through southern Alberta Friday, dropping hailstones as big as 6 cm.

The story for the summer in Alberta seems to be the barrage of severe thunderstorms. Another chapter was added to the story Friday night, as the southern end of the province was hit with more severe weather including large hail.

Earlier this year, Calgary was hit by a destructive hailstorm, now Canada's fourth costliest natural disaster.

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Though not nearly as severe as the June 13 storm, Friday's severe thunderstorms did drop large hail in portions of the province, with Weather Network video journalist Kyle Brittain encountering a wide-range of hailstone sizes while chasing storms. Some were no bigger than marbles and peas, while others were as large as 6 cm, close to tennis ball-sized (6.5 cm).

Needless to say, some of the hail caused structural damage and numerous lawns were covered with a noticeable layer of smaller stones.


Thumbnail courtesy of Kyle Brittain.

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