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Tornado-warned storms move through the Prairies

Tuesday, July 5th 2022, 8:28 pm - Severe storms prompted tornado watches and warnings across parts of southern Alberta and southwestern Saskatchewan Tuesday afternoon. Prepare to take shelter when severe weather strikes and monitor the forecast closely through the rest of today.

6:49 PM CST: Tornado watches are in effect across portions of southern Alberta and southwestern Saskatchewan as severe storms, also capable of producing torrential rain and large hail, target the region. Isolated tornadoes are also possible through the early evening hours, and residents are reminded to heed warnings and take shelter immediately should severe weather strike.

Forecasters were monitoring a tornado west of Alliance. Additionally, forecasters were also monitoring a tornado about 10 km northeast of Coronation, heading to the northeast at 15 km/h.


  • Co. of Paintearth near Brownfield
  • M.D. of Acadia including Acadia Valley
  • Co. of Paintearth near Castor and Fleet
  • Co. of Paintearth near Coronation and Throne
  • M.D. of Provost near Bodo
  • S.A. 2 near Cessford Wardlow and Pollockville
  • S.A. 2 near Hanna and Richdale
  • S.A. 2 near Spondin and Scapa
  • S.A. 2 near Sunnynook
  • S.A. 3 near Big Stone Cappon and Gold Spur
  • S.A. 3 near Oyen and Cereal
  • S.A. 3 near Sedalia and New Brigden
  • S.A. 3 near Sibbald and Esther
  • S.A. 3 near Youngstown
  • S.A. 4 near Hemaruka Wiste and Monitor Creek
  • S.A. 4 near Kirriemuir and Compeer
  • S.A. 4 near Veteran and Consort


  • R.M. of Antelope Park including Loverna and Hoosier
  • R.M. of Biggar including Biggar and Springwater
  • R.M. of Chesterfield including Eatonia and Mantario
  • R.M. of Eye Hill including Macklin Denzil and Evesham
  • R.M. of Grandview including Handel and Kelfield
  • R.M. of Grass Lake including Salvador and Reward
  • R.M. of Heart's Hill including Cactus Lake
  • R.M. of Kindersley including Kindersley Brock and Flaxcombe
  • R.M. of Mariposa including Tramping Lake and Broadacres
  • R.M. of Marriott south of Biggar
  • R.M. of Milton including Alsask and Marengo
  • R.M. of Monet including Elrose Wartime and Forgan
  • R.M. of Mountain View including Herschel and Stranraer
  • R.M. of Newcombe including Glidden and Madison
  • R.M. of Oakdale including Coleville
  • R.M. of Pleasant Valley including McGee and Fiske
  • R.M. of Prairiedale including Major and Smiley
  • R.M. of Progress including Kerrobert and Luseland
  • R.M. of Reford including Landis and Leipzig
  • R.M. of Rosemount including Cando and Traynor
  • R.M. of Snipe Lake including Eston and Plato
  • R.M. of St Andrews including Rosetown and Zealandia
  • R.M. of Tramping Lake including Scott and Revenue
  • R.M. of Winslow including Dodsland and Plenty

A broader look at the forecast continues below:

The stormy pattern continues across the Prairies this week, with a risk for strong to severe storms to bubble up in some areas. Powerful wind gusts and large hail are the biggest threats with these storms through Tuesday, though we can't rule out the chance for supercells to develop. The risk for storms will be largely scattered across the Prairies into Wednesday, with a few isolated stronger storm cells possibly nudging across the international border into the evening hours. Warmer temperatures will also span the region this week, though no extreme heat is expected even into next week. More on the storm timing and impacts, below.


A trough tracking across Alberta and Saskatchewan will trigger scattered thunderstorms Tuesday afternoon and evening, with a narrow axis forecast to produce stronger storms into the early evening hours.

An upper level disturbance and surface trough will be the trigger for the thunderstorms Tuesday.


"An area from Red Deer to Oyen in Alberta towards Kindersley and Saskatoon could possibly see stronger storms into the early evening as wind shear will be a bit more favourable to support stronger storms or supercell," says Kelly Sonnenburg, a meteorologist at The Weather Network.

Strong wind gusts and large hail, up to toonie or even ping pong ball-sized, are possible within the strongest storms. There's also a risk for a funnel cloud or two from Red Deer towards Oyen, where there is a bit more spin present in the atmosphere.

Tuesday Storm

On Wednesday, the risk for storms will be largely scattered across the Prairies. The surface trough over Alberta will migrate east towards Saskatchewan and Manitoba, with the focus of scattered storms spreading across the Interlake area of Manitoba. A few cells may develop in far eastern Saskatchewan as well.

"Storms are forecast to develop along the foothills of Alberta, but will be mainly non-severe in nature," Sonnenburg says. "But we will need to watch a developing low over Montana that may nudge a few isolated stronger storm cells across the international border late into the evening."

WestRiskWed (4)

Warmer temperatures are forecast across the region this week, with a couple of days in the mid to upper 20s to lower 30s late week and weekend. Above seasonal temperatures are expected for next week, but no extreme heat is in sight.

Forecasters are also watching the potential for a significant system this weekend as a developing low pressure system could track into the regionm with widespread rain and storms possible, especially for parts of Saskatchewan and Manitoba.


Be sure to check back for the latest updates on the weather and storm threats across the Prairies.

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