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Landslides, power outages reported after M6.3 earthquake strikes Chile

Friday, September 11th 2020, 9:58 am - No major damage or injuries were reported, but the Friday morning tremor did cut power and set off landslides, according to local media.

A 6.3-magnitude earthquake that struck north of Tocopilla, Chile, early Friday morning has resulted in power outages and landslides, according to local media outlets.

According to the United States Geologicial Survey (USGS), the tremor occurred 83 kilometres north-northeast of Tocopilla at a depth of 51 kilometres.

Chile earthquake

While there was no major damage or injuries reported, and no tsunami warning was issued, there were power outages and landslides as a result, local news outlets reported.

Municipal cameras in the port city of Iquique captured the earthquake, shaking violently as it hit. The video footage also shows power lines blowing and areas of the city blacking out.

There were also reports indicating the quake could be felt as weak shaking more than 250 kilometres away from the epicentre. As well, there was at least two aftershocks, registering magnitudes of 4.3 and 4.6.

According to Volcano Discovery, Friday's earthquake is the second within a week and the third in a recent series of larger tremorsa along Chile's western coast. They follow the magnitude 7 quake north of Huasco on Sept. 1 and a 6.3 quake near Tongoy on Sept. 6.

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