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How to keep your outdoor valuables safe from hail, wind damage

Monday, July 26th 2021, 12:00 am - Recent severe storms in Canada serve as a reminder to take steps to protect outdoor property from extreme wind and hail events.

Canada is not immune to destructive weather events, evidenced by the recent Barrie tornado, the wildfires in Western Canada and the $1.3-billion hailstorm that battered Calgary, Alta., in June 2020.

The extreme weather can cause considerable damage. In fact, some of the outdoor items that have seen some impairment from severe storms within the last 10 years include a Second World War fighter plane, a collection of lifelike horse statues, custom firepit, metal art gallery, large garden gnome collection and extensive glass flower garden, according to The Co-operators.

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All of these were discovered in Alberta, a province that has some communities averaging more than five days a year with hail, according to the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction (ICLR). The June 2020 storm that battered Calgary was sufficient enough to be Canada's fourth costliest disaster in its history, and its most expensive hailstorm.

June13 Calgary hailstorm/Kyle Brittain Damage from the June 13, 2020 hailstorm in Calgary, Alta. (Kyle Brittain)

“Hail is a significant hazard in parts of Canada, causing damage to everything from infrastructure to homes,” said Glenn McGillivray, managing director for the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction, in a media release.


While individuals can’t prevent these events from happening, they can take steps to minimize property damage they may encounter. Recent severe storms in Canada serve as a reminder to take steps to protect outdoor property from extreme wind and hail events.

Below is a list of tips from The Co-operators for how homeowners can prevent and minimize property loss.

  • Move vehicles into a garage, under a carport or use a temporary canvas shade cover
  • Inspect roof for damage, repair any problem areas and clear eavestroughs. Consider choosing impact-resistant shingles and exterior coverings that are rated to withstand hail
  • Remove weak branches or trees in close proximity to your home, outdoor living spaces or vehicle

tree down Nov 15 2020, Darrell Parson, Hamilton, ON Tree down in Hamilton, Ont. (Darrell Parson)

  • Store or cover patio furniture and outdoor accessories in an enclosed space
  • Monitor local weather forecasts for extreme weather warnings
  • Check with your insurer to verify your policy includes coverage for your specialty items

Other damaged items of noteworthy mention include a detailed treehouse with a draw-bridge in Ontario and an outdoor pizza oven in Saskatchewan.

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