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How to make your kitchen plastic-free, starting today

Tuesday, October 22nd 2019, 6:00 pm - Monday, October 21, to Monday, October 28, is Waste Reduction Week in Canada! Here are some handy tips on how to do your part.

As people become more and more mindful of how much plastic they use, they may not like what they see when they cast their gaze to their own kitchen.

From ladles and bowls during meal preparation, through to tupperware containers for storage, it seems inescapable, but it needn't be.

We've already become more and more diligent about the grocery bags we use, increasingly shunning traditional plastic bags for reusable ones, and there's plenty of ways to cut down on plastics once we've got our groceries home.

We talked to Charlotte Carson of Clearlife Magazine for some pointers on how to make your meal prep plastic-free. Watch her suggestions in the video above.

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