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Extreme 2021 fire season expected across much of western North America

Wednesday, June 23rd 2021, 11:11 am - Experts say that many regions in western North America are seeing dangerous drought conditions this summer, which heightens the risk of wildfires.

As summer 2021 rolls in, the potential for wildfires in many areas of western North America increases. Drought in the region has been on the rise for months, and at this point, more than a third of the area extending from the southwest United States into southern Canada is in a severe to extreme situation.

grapes california fire damage (Bloomberg Creative. Bloomberg Creative Photos. Getty Images) Fire damaged grapes hang on the vines in a vineyard in California, USA. (Bloomberg Creative. Bloomberg Creative Photos. Getty Images)

With tinder-like conditions already present in many drought affected areas, experts warn that when intense heat waves and strong dry winds join this vulnerable scenario, wildfires will be very easy to spark and could quickly become extremely dangerous.

Wildfire experts Daniel Swain and Mike Flannigan weigh in on what this wildfire season could shape up to be, and the main ingredients that could potentially make this a season to remember. Watch the video above to hear what they have to say.

Thumbnail credit: Ashley Cooper. The Image Bank. Getty Images

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