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Makwa Lake Provincial Park Mewasin Beach at Big Jumbo Lake, SK


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Makwa Lake Provincial Park Mewasin Beach at Big Jumbo Lake Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

Big Jumbo Lake is an odd shaped lake with several bays inlets and narrow channels. It even has a couple small forested islands that are visible from the beach! It is sometimes connected to Little Jumbo Lake depending on the water levels. The beach is about 20m of medium grain golden sand. From the highway you drive through the Provincial Park for about 15 minutes in order to reach the beach. There is a large parking lot available for beach goers and a short trail links the parking lot to the beach. The water is clear and the bottom is very sandy with few weeds. The only noticeable vegetation in the water was a few meters out and only occurred in small low growing patches. There is no designated swimming area and all swimming is unsupervised. The beach is located inside the southern bay of the lake and as such is fairly calm and protected for swimmers. The beach does not have a public dock or boat launch although several boats appeared to be launched in close proximity to the beach. The shoreline backs onto a treed park that has drinking water and outhouse facilities. There is also a small playground that is visible from the beach and a day use gazebo with picnic tables and bbqs. The beach has a couple benches directly next to the shore to sit and enjoy the scenery. If you wish to stay the night the beach lies directly outside the entrance of the campground (15.00 for a non-electrical site after you purchase your Park Entry Permit). The campground operates with a self-registration station. The beach is fairly secluded from the road so you can hear the bird calls and wind rustling the trees. There is a series of trails that go around Big Jumbo Lake through the forest and also trails that connect Big and Little Jumbo Lakes if you are interested in a longer hike. The forest surrounding the lake is pristine and beautiful and makes this lake a great destination for those interested in a more secluded natural escape.
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