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Pinehurst Beach, ON

Pinehurst Beach Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

A 9-hectare kettle lake Pinehurst Lake was formed by a single sheet of ice. In the winter Pinehurst is known for excellent showshoeing and ice fishing in the summer for radio-free camping (including group camping) swimming fishing and boating. The sandy beach is unpatrolled life-jackets are available on loan. Popular fish include sunfish largemouth bass bluegill and black crappie. Paddleboats and canoes may be rented from May-August motorized boats are not permitted. There are 400 picnic tables in the area (recycle and garbage containers are also present) as well as flush toilets and coin-operated showers. The area also features approximately 20km of hiking and cycling trails.
Water Quality
Tested weekly from June 1 to September 2
Historical Status
The status of this beach is GREEN
This beach passes water quality tests at least 95% of the time.


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