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Lake Lisgar, ON

Lake Lisgar Short Term Forecast

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Hardy's Mill Pond created in 1850 for flood control was purchased by the Town of Tillsonburg in 1874 and renamed to Lake Lisgar in 1887 after the Governnor General. Present facilities include fountains a gazebo a clubhouse for the rowing club and boardwalks. The lake is appropriate for fishing and popular for boating but swimming is not recommended the area has experienced a highly noticeable increase in algae and weed growth. There was originally an aeration system developed to help sustain marine life but it has been deactivated. However the Lake Lisgar Revitalization Project is working with Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund to enhance the lake and its surroundings because of excessive algae and sail erosion. The adjacent Lake Lisgar Waterpark was opened in 1948 after two drownings in the lake. The waterpark has water slides pools and spalsh pads.
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The status of this beach is GREY
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