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Kaloya Park, BC

Kaloya Park Short Term Forecast

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Kaloya Park is a large park located in Oyama about 25 km south of Vernon at the end point of an extending peninsula from the southern shore of Kalamalka Lake. Oyama a population of approximately 1000 is located between 2 lakes: Kalamalka Lake and Wood Lake. At Kaloya Park there is not a lot of sand but there are 2 small sandy beaches. The west side of Kaloya Park is a good beach for swimming and the eastside of Kaloya Park is not good for swimming but is a popular area for boating. This park has sunny and shady areas with grassy areas with picnic tables/areas benches by the lake and flush toilets. The large lake is a great place to swim and boat. In addition people can enjoy a children’s playground walking trails a gazebo and bird watching however this park is closed during the winter season and dogs are not permitted. This is a regional park and can be booked for weddings or event gatherings. About 10 km south of Oyama in Lake Country there is the popular Art Walk which is an annual arts festival that allows Okanagan artists to showcase and sell their work as well as live performances by the visual and performing artists.
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Tested weekly from June 15 to September 30
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