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Kalamalka Provincial Park, BC

Kalamalka Provincial Park Short Term Forecast

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Kalamalka Provincial Park is located in Coldstream 8 km south of Vernon along the eastern shore of Kalamalka Lake. This large Provincial park provides many scenic views and consists of 3 bays with beaches: Jade Bay Juniper Bay and Cosens Bay. Facilities include picnic tables pit toilets and available parking. People can enjoy water activities at the beach such as swimming water skiing canoeing and kayaking. Other activities are hiking and mountain biking along the trails at the park. People can also enjoy cross-country skiing during the winter since Kalamalka Provincial Park is a multiseason park. Every year there is the annual event called The Prospera Vernon Dragon Boat Festival & Pledge Drive which is a popular summer dragon boat festival that occurs in August every year at Kalamalka Lake.
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