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Gorge Waterway Park, BC

Gorge Waterway Park Short Term Forecast

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Gorge Waterway Park is located between Gorge Park and Craigflower Park covering an area of approximately 4.9084 ha. This park is near the Gorge Bridge and therefore has an easy access and a great water view. Along with beach access the park's amenities include boat launch playground picnic areas dog stations and walking trails with interpretive presentations. Parking is available at both ends of the park and various points along the way. The Reversing Falls at the entrance of the gorge near Tilicum Bridge is a must-see spectacle as well.Currently the VIHA only takes the measurements for the Craigflower-Kosapsom Park's beach and the VIHA seems to have clumped together Gorge Waterway Park and Craigflower-Kosapsom Park by listing it as 'Gorge Kosapsom Park Beach' on their beach report.
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The status of this beach is GREY
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