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Risk of isolated severe thunderstorms in southern Ontario

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Cheryl Santa Maria
Digital Reporter

Monday, July 7, 2014, 4:45 PM -

Severe thunderstorm warnings are in place in parts of southern Ontario with the potential for heavy downpours, hail and strong winds in some communities.

According to meteorologists, some places could see up to 50 millimetres of rain fall in an hour.

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Severe thunderstorms are expected to be isolated and not widespread.

"Take cover immediately if threatening weather approaches," EC warns in a statement.

"Large hail can damage property and cause injury. Remember, severe thunderstorms can produce tornadoes. Go indoors and move away from windows and skylights [and] avoid areas of the building that could be affecting by falling debris."

No tornado watches or warnings are currently in effect.

"We're currently seeing a couple of cells target the region," says Weather Network meteorologist Kelly Sonnenburg.

"Monday's thunderstorm risk should push out by the early evening, but there's a widespread risk of storms throughout the day Tuesday as well."

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Risk of isolated severe thunderstorms in southern Ontario

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