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Updated Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Since rolling out the new forecast page designs (see the article below to learn all about the new pages and why we have them), many of you have written to us to share your feedback. Thank you!

Your feedback is very valuable. As we continue to improve the forecast pages, we are considering your feedback and prioritizing what is important to you.

WHAT'S NEXT: Top 10 forecast page items we are working on now. These improvements will be added soon.

  1. Improve the text colour contrast against the background. Specifically, the section below the current condition (Wind, Humidity, Pressure, etc.) and weather descriptions within the forecast tables (Cloudy, Sunny, A Few Showers, etc.)
  2. Provide an option to see the full 14 Days and first 12 Hours on the 14 Days and Hourly reports
  3. Reinstate the Trend Graphs
  4. Have the ability to see more than your top 4 saved/favourite locations on the grey bar
  5. Display the local photo gallery section within the page
  6. Improve the alignment of the forecast tables
  7. Better identify the Low/Night temperature within the forecast tables. Please note that the Low/Night temperature can be seen on the forecast table on the lower right of the bigger number. The bigger number is the High/Day temperature. The smaller number beside it is not a decimal point.
  8. Improve the Current Day/Next 3 Hours/Overnight/Short Term forecast. Please note that the Current Day/Next 3 Hours/Overnight/Short Term Forecast has been replaced with a textual representation of the forecast. It can be seen right below the Current Condition and above the News section on the 7 Day page. You can click on these boxes to be directed to a more detailed breakdown of the forecast.
  9. A more visible link to the Last 24 Hours report
  10. Restore direction of the Pressure observation 

The Weather Network's web team working on design improvements.

Thank you for your patience and support! Please keep sending us your honest feedback - the good, the bad and the ugly - we want it all!


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