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Eggs Uncovered by a Bird!

1242 views Jlyn C April 30, 2017 Palm Bay, FL, United States Date shot: April 27, 2017

This Bird Flew very quickly by the side of me about 2 feet when it turn and I happened upon it on the grown poking in the dirt then in a moment I could see what it was but it flew away as quickly as it got it in its mouth..tried to shew it away and it returned again as I was trying to cover area back up! When a Blue Jay and a Mockingbird went in Chase after it! When birds left did happen to see a nest up in the Tree quite High in a Scrub Oak! Was not able to get my camera set to focus that quick unfortunately! Theses birds are known to get eggs and food sources and hide them! So, Not sure if it was Turtle / Tortoise Eggs or some other kind of Bird Eggs taken from Nests . The eggs however were not with young at the moment as remnants were around to identify a yoke! Eggs I could see were 1 in mouth of bird and 2 eggs broken and 2 eggs down below which could be more underneath or around unsure, did not what to disturb anymore of the area...

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