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Widespread severe gusts are likely from the Ozark Plateau into the lower Ohio Valley. Large to giant hail, tornadoes, and wind damage are possible for parts of Oklahoma, Kansas, and eastward into portions of the Ohio Valley.

Heightened flood risk across Texas with days of rain ahead

Keep your pets cool and safe this summer with these 5 tips

Pink pineapples hottest summer trend. See them here

Firework Science: How they work

TICK SEASON: 5 little-known facts pet owners should know

NOAA predicts above-normal hurricane season

Sunny Memorial Day Weekend across much of California

Chance of Showers in New York this Memorial Day Weekend

Possible tornado destroys homes in Sealy, Texas: Photos

Hot, stable weather rules much of Florida Memorial weekend

Damaging storm forces closure of vital U.S.-Mexico border

New Zealand joins space race with 3D-printed rocket

Storm Hunters in Tornado Alley: Where to go next

'Doomsday' seed vault latest victim of climate change

California highway to close for months after major landslide

Total solar eclipse headlines summer astronomy in 2017

U.S. spacecraft finds cyclones, ammonia river on Jupiter

Revealed: The next three months of summer weather

Cicadas show up four years early in the U.S. Here's why

Severe storms confined to South Florida, tornado possible

Muggy with isolated showers for Texas Memorial Weekend

Countdown begins to Great American Eclipse of 2017

Plastic drinking straws should be taxed, disposal firm says

Return of El Niño will play a big part in summer, here's why

Study finds U.S. trees are moving west and north

Top ten sustainable cities in the world

After dozens of tornadoes, what's next for the Plains?

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