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We’d all dearly like to see a cure for the common cold, but it never quite seems to arrive. So what’s the hold up – and will it be over soon?

Mexico's World Cup win triggers earthquake sensors

Magnitude 6.1 quake in Japan's Osaka area kills three

Storms batter Michigan, cause dozens of roads to collapse

Flood risk with slow-moving storms from Midwest to Northeast

Flooding possible in Southwest where wildfires scorch Earth

New hurricane season underway as Irma damage dogs Florida

What to expect from La Niña and El Niño this year

PHOTOS: Here are some of the world's strangest forests

Injuries, extensive damage after 2 tornadoes tear through PA

Toxic leftovers from Giant Mine found in snowshoe hares

Campers attempting to burn poop start forest fire

Today's flood will be tomorrow's high tide warns NOAA report

7 terrifying photos of giant hailstones

LISTEN: This is what a crowd of sea lions sounds like

Bizarre watermelon snow appearing on Pacific NW mountains

How corruption slows disaster recovery

Trump orders creation of space-focused U.S. military branch

Tropical disturbance to bring drenching rains to South

Ohio man finds black widow spider in his groceries

VIDEO: Tesla car unexpectedly bursts into flames

Hawaii pot growers won't give up on crop as lava encroaches

Weekend severe storm, tornado risk through Plains, Midwest

Couple uses southwest fire as backdrop for wedding photos

Spotting illegal trash dumps from space

Powerful 'Bud' takes aim on parched Desert Southwest

Probe finds cause of deadly 2017 California wildfires

Climate change to make rice less nutritious

Study: 219 billion tonnes of Antarctic ice lost annually

Did you know? Some sharks have belly buttons

Increased deaths and illnesses from inhaling airborne dust

Gas pipeline explosion injures 24 people in southwest China

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