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Hurricane Warning in effect as Madeline threatens Hawaii with flooding rain, gusty wind and dangerous surf. Here's what you need to know.

Warnings in effect as tropical systems churn near U.S.

Hail piles, floods and snow: Just another day in Colorado

Conveyor belt of moisture poses flood risk for central U.S.

Lightning strike kills 323 reindeer

Kansas City area hit by floods after three days of downpours

Castaways write 'SOS' in sand, are rescued

Tropical threat waning for Florida, still watching the Gulf

Video: Large, destructive tornadoes rip through Indiana

Hiker found after surviving month in snow, frozen mountains

Obama promises support to Louisiana after floods

Historic Louisiana floods measured from space

Dozens of wildfires rage across arid U.S. West

Waterspouts on Lake Erie make for some beautiful pictures

Red Flag Warning in effect for Northwest, Rockies

Here's how a storm can trigger an earthquake

Gaston becomes the strongest hurricane in the Atlantic

Horrifying scenes from Italy earthquake as death toll rises

'Swimming with dolphins' tourism might be banned in Hawaii

Storms target Upper Midwest, Central Plains, Great Lakes

Louisiana residents without flood insurance face uncertainty

Italy quake death toll mounts as rescuers search ruins

Earth-like planet discovered circling sun's nearest neighbor

Deadly quake hits central Italy, traps people under rubble

This Atlantic hurricane season might be strongest since 2012

Two dozen structures destroyed by eastern Washington fires

Louisiana Floods: The perfect storm in the wrong place

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