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After a hot and gusty week, cooler temperatures and stormier conditions will prevail across the West Coast. Here's what you need to know.

Big, slow moving storm soaks Northeast, brings risk of snow

Chili peppers may help keep you warm, but some can be fatal

Powerful magnitude 6.6 earthquake jolts western Japan

Typhoon Haima shuts down central Hong Kong

This fall, your pets may be vulnerable to 'unladylike' pests

Santa Ana winds bring extreme heat, fire weather to SoCal

LA crews try to contain wildfire near natural gas facility

Two typhoons pummel Philippines days apart. See photos

Powerful visuals emerge as wildfire envelops Colorado town

Typhoon Haima rapidly intensifies, Philippines in danger

Journey to Mars unsafe for humans. Harmful effects outlined

Photos: Impact of Northwest's damaging series of storms

Damaging, typhoon-enhanced storms slam Northwest, NorCal

California's Lake Tahoe region wildfire sparks evacuations

'Extremely dangerous' Category 3 Nicole hammers Bermuda

See Sunday night's Orbital ATK launch from across East Coast

Europe's Mars probe destroyed after plunging to surface

Chemical spill prompts air quality concerns in Kansas

Climate change is shifting areas of skin disease concern

Drone captures breathtaking view of New England fall foliage

Stock Up: Ben and Jerry's favorite flavors are endangered

Dramatic video captures ferociousness of Typhoon Haima

Bad winter delays MH370 search by up to two months

Severe thunderstorm threat from North Texas to Ohio

How to watch Thursday's challenging Orionid meteor shower

Severe storms with isolated tornado risk for Upper Midwest

Ancient comet crash linked to warming period on Earth

Report of Great Barrier Reef's death mostly exaggerated

Tornado sparks State of Emergency in Oregon. Video here

Upper Midwest faces damaging wind, hail risk

North Carolina floods has devastating impact on farmers

Death toll rises as flood danger continues in North Carolina

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