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What was once Tropical Storm Harvey is expected to come back to life later this week.

What's turning these stray dogs blue?

NASA captures ISS as it flies by the Solar Eclipse. Watch it

Fire crews brace for eclipse watchers to descend on US West

Heat-related deaths expected to spike for 10 U.S. cities

Three important travel impacts of the American Solar Eclipse

Death toll mounts in wake of Sierra Leone mudslide

Severe flooding closes roads, businesses in Arkansas: Photos

2016 marked Earth's hottest year, highest sea levels: Report

Strong storms with tornado risk for the Northeast

Trio of tropical waves gain momentum, head towards America

Thunderstorms, with risk of tornadoes, Midwest, Northeast

Tips to take Eclipse photos (and not destroy your phone)

America's total eclipse floods market with fake sunglasses

How to watch the Great American Eclipse safely

Oregon city at 'double ground zero' braces for eclipse

Deadly floods hit Nepal, elephants come to the rescue: Video

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