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Matthew rapidly strengthened to a Category 4 hurricane on Friday, with maximum sustained winds of 140 mph. Here's what we're watching for the U.S.

West to get early taste of winter with pattern change

Meerkats have been ranked the most murderous mammal

Storm slams Virginia, at least one dead by falling tree

Heavy rains flood metro Detroit, drivers rescued

Florida radioactive sinkhole leak: Water test results in

VIDEO: Typhoon Megi causes dangerous scaffolding collapse

Potential water plumes spotted on Jupiter's moon Europa

Iowa city flood prevention system holds back Cedar River

Fall Forecast: Next three months of weather & winter preview

Mercury morning star worth getting up for, see where to look

Fall and volatile weather go hand in hand

Floods, severe weather remains in Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota

Chance for frost as temperatures dip across the Northeast

L.A. skyscraper designed to roll with 'punch' of quakes

Temperature plunge and snow. Fall sets in on Interior West

Underwater gliders could improve hurricane predictions

NorCal Loma Fire destroys structures with rapid growth

See Rosetta's final views as it descended to a comet crash

Want to know when it'll rain: Precip Start Stop can do that

IN PHOTOS: Roads wash out amid North Carolina floods

Flash flood threat continues for Great Lakes, Mid-Atlantic

Mid-Atlantic faces severe storm threat with tornado risk

By 2100 all of Earth's wilderness is expected to disappear

Typhoon Megi leaves 4 dead, hundreds injured in Taiwan

Dozens rescued as floods hit San Antonio, up to 7'' for some

Recipe for life on Mars may lie in 'marsquakes'

Earth is losing oxygen, new study confirms

At least two dead as floods, mudslides hit Upper Midwest

Amplified pattern to soak Central U.S.; Flood risk for Texas

Two confirmed tornadoes in Utah rip through homes, cut power

Remembering the Great New England Hurricane of 1938

Bear leads police on 2 hour-long chase through U.S. city

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