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A massive sinkhole in Land O' Lakes, Florida swallows two homes and continues to grow.
SINKHOLE | Florida

Sinkhole swallows two homes in Florida, locals evacuate

Friday, July 14, 2017, 3:26 - A sinkhole in Land O' Lakes, Florida, swallowed up two houses on Friday (July 14) and prompted public safety officials to call for locals to evacuate the area as it was expected to grow.

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The 200 foot (60 meters) wide sinkhole formed around 0730 EDT (1130 GMT). 

Authorities said the sinkhole began as a small hole that swallowed a boat on the property, but later destroyed two homes and expanded to the road. 

As of early Friday afternoon, no injuries have been reported, but firefighters did have to rescue two dogs from one of the impacted houses. 

Authorities said this isn't the first time a sinkhole has formed in this area. Florida is prone to sinkholes  because of its porous limestone foundation and the cavities that are the result are a common feature of the state's landscape - such as springs, lakes and portions of rivers. 

Sinkholes mostly occur as naturally acidic underground water flows through and dissolves the underlying limestone. 

North and central Florida, particularly in the Tampa area, generally are more vulnerable than South Florida.

Below are more photos of the massive sinkhole:

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