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A severe line of storms and tornadoes leave path of mass destruction across Texas and Oklahoma. Risk of severe storms to continue Wednesday and Thursday.

Severe storms cause damage, flooding in Texas and Oklahoma

Wednesday, May 20, 2015, 10:52 - Numerous tornadoes and severe storms left a path of destruction as they tore through Texas and Oklahoma on Tuesday.

Over 25 tornadoes were reported, with torrential downpours and hail slamming areas as far southeast as Georgia.

Weather Network meteorologist Dayna Vettese was storm chasing in the Lone Star State at the time, but said torrential downpours kept herself and her team from making any big moves.

"What roads were available had a tendency to be flooded or [were] in the process of flooding," she wrote on her blog from Amarillo, TX. "This area of Texas and along the Red River has received so much rain that many of the fields (crop and cattle fields) are essentially lakes now. The mosquitoes are awful due to all the standing water." 

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Here is an incredible video shot and edited by George Kourounis showing flash flooding mixed with hail and debris on May 18.

This was the latest in a line of severe storms that have been slamming the central states since last week. A line of severe storms brought wild weather from Texas to Minnesota over the weekend. 

Texas and Arkansas were drenched by so much rain, there was flash flooding in such cities as San Antonio and Austin. The Dallas-Fort Worth area was drenched by about 4 inches of rain over the weekend.

CLICK BELOW TO WATCH: Widespread storm damage in Bridgeport, TX

Unfortunately, things won't be getting any easier for residents battling flood conditions across Texas. Rain is expected to linger into the weekend, with severe storms expected in southwestern parts of the state on Wednesday and Thursday.

Severe weather risk for Wednesday (Storm Prediction Center)

Source: Severe Weather DiariesNational Weather Service | CNN

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