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Science Behind The Weather: Meteor

Green fireball shoots across the UK sky on St. Patrick's Day

Thursday, March 17, 2016, 1:47 - A bright green light was seen flaring across the sky above London in the early hours of St. Patrick’s Day, according to local media reports.

The meteor was reportedly seen in a number of locations across the UK.

The footage below is described as showing a flaring light, akin to a meteor, moving across the night sky above Battersea in London.

The UK Meteor Observation Network (UKMON) reported that a “large fireball” was noticed at several of its stations early on Thursday. 

"Preliminary calculations estimate the brightens to be around -7 mag and explosion -14 mag," the agency noted. "The event lasted just a couple of seconds."

The fireball was captured by eight UKMON cameras.

UK press reports and social media users also noted the event, with sightings at locations across England. 

The green flash prompted many to link the event to St Patrick’s Day, according to UK reports.

Footage below comes from one of the cameras operated by the UK Meteor Observation Network. Richard Kacerek, of the network, told the BBC that they were “analysing the data to determine more about its origins and intensity.”

Source: BBC | File photo of meteor via Creative Commons | Storyful | | UK Meteor Observation Network

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