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SOUTHERN PLAINS | Severe Weather

PHOTOS: Severe storms, tornadoes, rake Texas, Oklahoma

Tuesday, August 8, 2017, 11:14 - A motorist in San Antonio, Texas, had a harrowing rescue on Monday (August 7) after his SUV became stranded in raging flood waters.

Video from the local NBC News affiliate showed emergency fire fighter crews extending their truck ladder out towards his vehicle like a ramp and helping the driver slowly climb his way back to the safety of dry land. 

Local news said the driver became trapped in fast-rushing flood waters that hit a low-lying area of the Texas city during severe weather. 

Media said the driver was embarrassed over the incident but otherwise unhurt. 

Parts of Texas have been hit with heavy rain and flash flood warnings were in effect until Monday evening in the central part of the state. 

Severe weather has also hit neighboring Oklahoma where residents of Tulsa were still dealing with the clean up after severe storms and a possible tornado ripped through the area the day before.

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Below is a closer look at some of the storm's impact:



Below: Tulsa Tornado Injures Dozens Damages Businesses and Homes

Below: Heavy Damage Evident in Tulsa, OK, Amid Reports of Tornado

Below: Monsoon Waters Overwhelm Tucson, OK, Backyard Within Seconds

Thumbnail image source: Twitter/@MaureenWurtzTV 

Graphic: NWS/Houston

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