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President Trump Climate Tweet | Chief Meteorologist Responds

'You've really done it this time': Meteorologists at Trump

Chris Scott
Chief Meteorologist

Friday, December 29, 2017, 8:33 -

Dear Mr. President, 

You’ve really done it this time. The meteorologists are mad. 

We're used to the pokes about getting it wrong and still getting paid. You could have stuck to that tried and true jab. But no, you went for the knock out. The weather=climate punch (see tweet below).

Now here’s the thing. While many of us wish we had the brawn to throw down, we scientists realize our strength involves something called discussion around things called facts.

The fact is weather and climate are different

You see, weather is like your mood and climate is like your personality. Related, but different. For example, one tweet storm at 3 a.m. doesn’t mean a person has a hostile personality. Maybe it’s just a bad night/day? That’s like the weather. A record cold New Year’s Eve doesn’t make global warming any less real. 

The fact is the planet is warming

But in the spirit of discussion, what we need is less blame and more work on making our future better. As a start, we should all rise above connecting every bad weather system to the existence/absence of climate change. We could do so much more by agreeing there is a problem, and tackling it together.


Chris Scott, Meteorologist 

PS it's looking good for golf this weekend!

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Thumbnail image source: Creative Commons/Flickr

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