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Heavy rainfall earlier this week could give way to dangerous flooding with several rivers in the Midwest expected to crest at record levels. Linda So reports.
FLOODS | In Photos

Flooding batters Midwest, Western New York; Photos here

Thursday, July 13, 2017, 4:38 - Heavy rain left parts of the Midwest and Northeast under water this week.

Authorities called a State of Emergency in Wisconsin Tuesday near the city of Burlington. 

Officials were urging residents to avoid driving through flood waters and shut down multiple arteries across the state, WISN reported

As more rain hit the region, officials anticipated the swollen Fox River to crest at record levels this week.

SAFETY: Six important flood safety tips

Burlington lies 35 miles southwest of Milwaukee and 79 miles north of Chicago. 

Elsewhere across the Midwest, flooding and power outages forced the evacuation of an Illinois hospital Wednesday. 

Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital near Chicago had to transfer its patients to nearby facilities. 

Parts of the area got six to seven inches of rain. 

Nearly 70,000 customers lost power at the height of the storm. 

Meanwhile, in the town of Gurnee, Illinois, people were filling up sandbags to protect their homes and businesses from the rising Des Plaines River.

Watch below: Storm Clouds Roll Over O'Hare International Airport

SAFETY: Six important flood safety tips

And as storms tracked eastward, similar conditions followed in New York state. 

The Buffalo area got hit with flash flooding from slow-moving thunderstorms Thursday. 

The flooding prompted the closure of a number of roads, according to local media reports. Police and firefighters were called in to perform "swift water recoveries" of people stuck in cars at flooded underpasses around the city. 

The storms prompted the National Weather Service to issue Flash Flood Warnings in the region

BELOW: Photos and video show impacts of flooding across the region

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